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Issue the mod causes

Using this mod causes the game to get stuck on "Loading terrain" when making a new world. When I remove this mod and none of my others, everything is just fine. I really want to try out this mod because it sounds very interesting, however, it just does not currently seem possible. Are there any kinds of mods that could cause this sort of compatibility issue? Because I would prefer to not have to remove any of the mods im using if possible.

EDIT: Nevermind, turning off shaders fixed it.
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Spawning of Druid Circles

Quick question about these.
I've added this mod to an already existing 2 year old world on a server
I do have swamps in this world. So my question is, will the Druid Circles spawn in there or should I use a command to make them spawn or should I go cry in a corner?  ;-)
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Update suggestions? New mob ideas? other fun spooky stuff? Or update questions.

Hey mod devs if you activly read the wiki do you mind taking ideas from players? If so i would suggest more swamp themed animals please, like snakes, spiders, or giant lizerds and amphibians like the lurker maby even flying creatures to fill the mostly empty skyes, such as bats, pterosaurs, or birds. As well as making some of these creatures tameable and rideable. Adding more animals could definitely make you want to explore the world more by trying to discover all the betweenlands creatures. I dont wana presure you devs but please consider my ideas. Thanks for reading a bunch!
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Hello! In this post I just want to state some suggestions that I have for your wonderful mod! These suggestions I have examples of such as: Tar Pits biome and Mimic Chest , Anyways these are just "Rough Sketches". So Tar Pits biome will spawn like any other biome and have Tar beasts spawing in them. They also spawn with randomly generated bone block structures, depicted by the quartz in the example picture. Mimic chests will spring at you when clicked. They bounce around, similar to slimes, with a bit different animation... They kind of bounce up at an angle and go back down. That's all I have for now... Excuse my grammar xD sorry (The Mimic chest model was made by me, however the texture for the chest itself was taken from the mod.)
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Unplayable Lag

I've recently downloaded the Betweenlands mod and decided Optifine would go great with helping my FPS. I went into creative mode to check out the new dimension, however, when I entered the portal, the screen turned black and didn't load the new land. I tried relogging, didn't work. I uninstalled optifine and the world slowly started to load. Now that I am in the new dimension, I am getting about 3 FPS. Whenever I try to load up optifine, the world will not work. It might just be that I don't have a super good gaming computer, but I'm hoping that you guys have a way to make my FPS a little better so I can start exploring and enjoying the mod!
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Cant ignite my Mossy Cobblestone portal with a Talisman

Cant ignite my Mossy Cobblestone portal with a Talisman
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